Nothing Consistent, Nothing Expected

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12 April 1970
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6’0” 220lbs and inked 38 year old guy of Chinese and Scottish heritage (which I guess means I can cook up a mean Stir-fry Haggis).

I really enjoy the outdoors whether it is skiing in the winter or exploring the mountains in the Summer. I also love to walk around this great Seattle and just take in the sights. These past few years, I have discovered the love of riding a Harley. From cruising around the Seattle area to taking long multi-day trips, they are often the stress reliever that I need. In fact, this summer I rode my Harley from Corner to Corner in the US. We traveled some 4,972 miles from Key West, FL to Neah Bay, WA with many interesting stops in between. We met a lot of great people and had a wonderful time.

Lastly, I sing with both The BEARatones (check us out on YouTube) and Seattle Men’s Chorus.

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